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The property data object


estimate_list_sell_price - integer

Returns the recommended list for sale price based on comparing factual sales rates of neighboring houses and current for sale homes on the market.

last_list_price - integer

Returns the last listed price for searched property.

last_sold_price - integer

Returns the last selling price for searched property.

last_sold_date - string

Date of last date property was sold.

classification - string

The type of property asset type.

Classification types
  • single_family
  • multi_family

address - object

Address object for currently searched property.

Address properties
  • house_number - string
  • address - string
  • city - string
  • state - string
  • zipcode - string

property - object

Property object contains features and data about searched property.

Property properties
  • lot_size_ft - float

The lot size in feet.

  • acreage - float

The acreage of the property.

  • building_size - float

The building size in feet.

  • beds - string

Amount of bedrooms in the property.

  • baths - string

Amount of baths in the property.

  • year_built - string

Year property built.

  • heating - string

Type of heating property has.

  • cooling - string

Type of cooling property has.

  • type - string

Property structure type.

  • garage_size - string

How many garage doors on property.

  • material - string

Property material.

  • roof - string

Roof material type.

  • builder - string

Name of builder if available.

  • flooring - string

Flooring inside property.

  • interior_features - string

Features inside the property.

  • appliances - string

Applicances included with the propety.

  • parking - string

Is garage attached to property.

  • annual_tax - string

Annual tax paid.

  • available - string

Is the property on the market.

  • hoa_fee - string

Home association cost per year.

  • services_included - string

Is any services in area are available.

  • amenities_included - string

Available amenities.

  • basement - string

Type of base property contains.

  • window_features - string

Window types.

  • patio_details - string

Patio details if available.

neighborhood_median - integer

Median cost of neighborhood.

open_houses - array

Returns an array of upcoming open house objects that contain a date and time for the event.

Open Houses properties
  • date - string

Date of the upcoming open house event.

  • time - string

Time frame of event.

history - array

Returns an array of history objects that contain public records for the searched property.

History properties
  • date - string

Date of the historical event.

  • type - string

Type of event. Options are sold, listed, pending.

  • description - string

Description of the historical event.

images - array

Returns an array of strings containing links found for the property.

sources - integer

Number of sources data is pulled and compared from.

confidence - float

Cofidence of the data on the property returned. 1 being that the data has been compared against numerous sources and validated. 0.0 being no data matches against sources and should not be trusted.

confidence_messages - array

Returns an array of confidence message objects on data mismatch when being compared.

Confidence message properties
  • message - string

Details about the confidence mismatch.

  • type - string

Type of mismatch. Types include baths_mismatch, lot_size_mismatch, last_purchase_mismatch, beds_mismatch.

units - array

Returns an array of unit objects inside the building if classification type multi_family.

Units properties
  • unit - string

Unit name or number.

  • status - string

Status of unit. Options are available, unavailable, unknown.

  • beds - string

Unit bedrooms.

  • baths - string

Unit bathrooms.

  • sqft - string

Unit square footage.